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There are a surprising number of acts that fall under the umbrella of sexual assault, some of which you may be unaware of. Sex crimes of any type are very damaging, both for the victim and the accused. Being convicted of a sex crime can have life-long affects that extend far beyond prison. Here is a brief breakdown of the types of sexual assault charges that can be laid in Colorado.

Sexual Assault•  Indecent Exposure

This involves revealing your genitals in a situation where the person in view of the act may be affronted by it. This also includes performing any sexual acts in a public place (intercourse/masturbation). This is a misdemeanor offense, however, if you have been convicted of the act twice before, it is then considered a felony offense.

•  Unlawful Sexual Contact

Unlawful sexual contact occurs anytime a person, without permission, touches another person in a sexual manner. This includes situations where the person being assaulted is incapable of giving consent, is impaired or is unable to understand the gravity of the situation. Unlawful sexual contact also applies to those in legal custody/detainment and those who are detained in any type of medical facility. Any examination or treatment of an individual, other than for legitimate medical reasons, that is inconsistent with practiced medical protocols will also fall under this charge.

•  Sex Assault/Rape

When one party commits a sexual act that involves sexually penetrating another party without their consent. This applies to situations where one party is too impaired to give informed consent, is incapacitated, or is below the age of consent. Rape charges can also be pressed in situations where one person was under the belief they were having sex with someone, say a spouse, but who was, in reality, not their spouse. Consent would not matter in this situation.

•  Enticement of a Child

Luring a child below the age of 15 into a secluded area (room, building, vehicle, home) with the intent of committing a sexual act with them. It does not matter if the child is aware of the intent or not.

•  Sexual Exploitation of a Child

Sexual exploitation of children occurs when there is a wrongful invasion of the child’s right of privacy and results in social, developmental, and emotional injury to the child; that a child below the age of eighteen years is incapable of giving informed consent to the use of his or her body for a sexual purpose. This includes creating, possessing and distributing materials that depict minor children in a sexual way.

•  Sex Assault on a Child

Committing, or attempting to commit a sexual act on a child under the age of 15, when the assailant is 4 or more years older than the child. Frequently referred to as statutory rape.

•  Internet Luring of a Child

Luring a child through the use of the internet (chat rooms, social media, email etc.), telephone or data streams (text messaging), when the party knows or believes the child to be under the age of 15, with the intent of committing a sexual act.

•  Internet Sexual Exploitation of a Child

This involves enticing a child via the internet, telephone or data streams (text messaging) to perform a sexual act on themselves, or watch a sexual act performed by another via the above mentioned avenues.

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