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Criminal defense lawyers represent defendants facing criminal charges in the courts. The court can be state, federal, or appellate, but the defendant must be fighting criminal charges in order to hire a criminal defense lawyer. A criminal defense lawyer can help his or her client with bond hearings, plea bargains, trial, and parole or probation.

A criminal lawyer has a lot of work to do when he or she defends his or her client. These tasks include:

•  Investigating the case and interviewing witnesses

•  Research case law, statutes, crimes codes and procedural law

•  Build a defense and develop a case strategy

•  Negotiate with the prosecution to plea bargain to lesser charges

•  Draft, file and argue motions such as motions to dismiss and motions to suppress

•  Argue for the defendant at trial

But criminal defense lawyers also help with other matters

CriminalDefenseThey will counsel their clients about the case and about different strategies they can employ at trial, if need be. For example, criminal defense lawyers will help to provide an objective perspective of their client’s situation and explain to the client what is likely to happen. This is vital for their client, especially in making a decision about how to respond to any plea bargain a prosecutor may offer.

Criminal defense lawyers will also negotiate with a prosecutor on behalf of their client in an attempt to reduce the charges or lessen the punishment recommended by the prosecutor at sentencing. They also suggest sentencing, treatment, and rehabilitation programs tailored to their client’s specific needs, which may help their client, avoid run-ins with the criminal justice system.

They will also counsel their client about the way criminal laws might be applied

This is important because it may be difficult for lay people to understand criminal laws. Criminal laws are often interpreted in different ways in federal and state courts. An experienced lawyer will be helpful to the client.

Criminal defense lawyers will also help to familiarize their client with local court customs and bring knowledge about the process. They also gather information from prosecution witnesses. It’s important that the criminal defense lawyer talks with the witnesses because the witnesses will be much more likely to talk to a lawyer than the accused.

An important difference in criminal defense lawyers is whether or not they are a public defender or a defense attorney

Public defenders have several cases going at once, where a defense lawyer for hire will work on their client’s case exclusively. Sometimes public defenders are the only way to go for people who cannot afford to hire a lawyer. However, this doesn’t mean the client won’t receive quality representation by their public defender.

Criminal defense lawyers do a lot for their clients. They play a pivotal role in helping their client through their criminal case in either federal or state court. They will also help to prepare their client for any foreseeable outcomes of the trial and sentencing. The role of the criminal defense lawyer varies from case to case, but if you need representation, you need to contact someone with experience.  Contact Peter Albani Law today.

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