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The city of Denver, Colorado has some fairly strict laws around many criminal activities. The law is a good thing; it’s there for a reason, and it usually acts to protect the general public. However, we can all make mistakes, and sometimes we get caught not complying with the law. If this is something you have or are currently experiencing, you may need to think about hiring a Denver criminal defense attorney.

Charges in connection with driving

Texting while driving can fall under the category of distracted driving, along with many other items. Distracted driving laws are fairly new laws, but they are spreading across North America extremely quickly.  Fines can range anywhere from $20 to $150, and if you were to accidentally cause harm to another vehicle or pedestrian you could find yourself doing some serious jail time. While no one ever means to injure or hurt someone else when they pick up their phones, approximately nine people die each day in accidents involving distracted driving.  Denver criminal defense attorneys can help you fight for your rights and defend you in instances of distracted driving, as well as many others—including DUI.

More serious convictions

criminal defense legal helpMore serious crimes, such as restraining orders, stalking, and domestic abuse, can have serious consequences—even if they are just misunderstandings. Many of these charges can be placed to protect the victim, and discretion is usually given to an officer to make the decision. Many times, officers will make a decision in favor of the individual claiming to be the victim in order to mitigate risk. This is done to ensure the safety of all parties involved. However, because some of these decisions are incredibly subjective, a Denver criminal defense attorney should be contacted to defend you if any charges have been laid.

Many times actions done by a “perpetrator” could be perfectly legal, but are misunderstood by both the officer and the individual on the receiving end of the action. Arguments and misunderstandings happen every day, and you may say or do something that you don’t think twice about; unfortunately this action could result in a misplaced charges. Without fighting for your rights, you could end up with a serious mark on your criminal record. Let us help you; let one of our Denver criminal defense attorneys fight for your rights. We, at Peter Albani Law have over 30 years of experience and are seasoned in fighting many different criminal cases, all with varying degrees of severity.

How a Denver criminal defense attorney can make a difference

Hiring a Denver criminal defense attorney could be the difference between getting a criminal record for the rest of your life and walking away with a clean slate. Mistakes happen; we get that. Having someone on your side who knows the ins and outs of the court and legal system is extremely favorable. Intricacies that you couldn’t possibly fathom are a reality of going to court without a solid team to help defend you. Only someone with many years of experience could know these intricacies, and knowing what they are, utilizing the effects of them, and understanding how they can and will affect you will end up working in your favor.