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Child abuse.  There is really no criminal case that has a worse stigma—except sexual abuse involving a child.  Unfortunately, because there is such a negative stigma regarding child abuse, a lot of people jump to conclusions before understanding the circumstances, and this can be extremely harmful to you—either when you are attempting to defend yourself, or when you are trying to get your life back together afterwards.  The implications, and the effects of those implications, are serious; so don’t waste time, and don’t mess around.  Contact our child abuse defense attorney at Peter Albani Law right away so that we can defend you against the harm that may come to your life from allegations of child abuse.


False accusations

There are a lot of things that can look like child abuse when they are not.  However, just because you know you are innocent doesn’t mean you should take the allegations any less seriously.  Things could turn against you quickly, and as a result you could end up losing close relationships, your job, and even custody or visitation rights of your kids.  Don’t let this get out of hand.  Let us help prove your innocence so the allegations don’t cause you irrevocable harm.

How can false accusations happen?

Kids can get injured in a number of ways.  Your child may be particularly rough and tumble, or he or she may be entirely devoted to (or just really bad at) contact sports.  These can leave repetitive wounds that could look like the signs of child abuse.  A lot of child abuse charges begin in the doctor’s office.  If your child frequents the doctor’s office, or if he or she manifests injuries that seem disproportionately severe to the explanation for them, or if they are simply unexplainable, the doctor may indicate child abuse in his or her report.  This is defensible, though, if you hire a professional defense attorney to help you.

Similarly, if your child shows up at school frequenting injuries and bruises that he or she refuses to explain, the teachers and/or principal may assume it is a result of child abuse as well.

Messy custody battles

If you are going through a messy divorce or separation that involves an even messier custody battle, you might end up with a surprise child abuse allegation.  In 1998, a study was done to determine how many allegations of child abuse were fraudulent.  More than a third of the cases of child abuse examined could not be substantiated, and 4% overall were determined to be intentionally fabricated; however, the rate of false allegations in connection to custody cases increased to 12%.

Statistics show that, within those false allegations, neglect is the most commonly reported form of maltreatment.  Further studies showed that noncustodial parents most frequently made intentional false reports.

We can help

A wrongful conviction can be defended in court.  No matter what the circumstance, in Colorado, a claim can only be determined as child abuse if you can be proven to have intentionally injured the child.  If an intentional injury cannot be proven, then there is no case against you.  In false accusation cases, like the aforementioned, a child abuse defense attorney can build your case by examining the accuracy and substantiality of the case against you.  If you need help building a defense against child abuse allegations, don’t delay.  Contact our defense attorney at Peter Albani Law to get started.