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Child abuse is one of those phrases that makes you cringe when you hear it – now imagine being formally charged with it. An accusation of child abuse can be just as damaging as a conviction, especially in cases where the accusations are entirely false. This is certainly one of the situations where you will always feel as if you are being treated like you are guilty until proven innocent. There are ways to build a strong defense against charges of this nature, and one of the strongest defense plans is to focus on the person who ‘discovered’ the abuse to begin with.


Oftentimes actual physical child abuse is not witnessed, but rather the aftermath is found and leads to questions about the child’s well-being. Excessive bruising, broken bones, or frequent hospital visits can trigger suspicions of abuse from doctors. When doctors treat a child, they often give them a thorough going-over, just for the sake of due diligence. If the doctor sees anything that they deem to be ‘unusual’ or inexplicable on the child’s body – say an abundance of bruising, or evidence of previous bone breaks – they may begin to suspect that the child is being abused.

For the most part their suspicion is founded on the possibility that it is happening, and they are required to report it. Simply witnessing an injury or having previous injuries does not mean a child is definitely being abused. A lot of the time a doctor’s over-cautiousness can land a perfectly loving and fit caregiver in a defendant’s seat.


Neighbors may report suspicions of abuse within the home, without actually ever witnessing any abuse happening. Anything from frequent arguments to extreme temper tantrums could potentially trigger a neighbor to call the police. It’s also possible for a neighbor or friend to intentionally file a false report of abuse because they have ulterior motives.


Neglect charges can be filed for a variety of reasons, and can be related to everything from the child’s diet, to their clothing, and even whether or not they are attending school routinely. As you may imagine, depending on a child’s age, many of these things can be hard to control or even monitor when you are a working parent. Although there are many clear-cut neglect cases out there, not all of them are so black and white. There are many possibly avenues your attorney can explore to defend against neglect charges – including obtaining eye-witnesses and expert/professional testimonials.

Child Abuse

It is cases such as these that breed such contempt for the concept of a defense attorneys, but this contempt comes from a place where everyone is guilty until proven innocent – and the truth is that innocent people get put on trial all the time. Someone has to be there to defend them and protect their rights as a citizen and human being. Being charged with child abuse or neglect isn’t an impossible situation, there are ways your lawyer can defend you and build a substantial case in your favor. Don’t fret, contact our experienced child abuse defense attorney today.