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Whenever a child gets hurt, it is in our nature to jump to conclusions and blame the adult. Sometimes we overlook the fact that it could be an innocent accident. Whether it be slipping on ice or falling off a swing, these accidents can be unintentional. That is why we at the Peter Albani Law believe that everyone should avail the services of an experienced child abuse attorney to prove these cases innocent. Everyone is entitled to a criminal lawyer who is dedicated to creating a defense in an array of situations, and Peter Albani Law can help you with this.

How do you know?

A physician is often the one who discovers child abuse after treating a child who has injuries. However, you should not always go with that diagnosis. Sometimes it is treated as child abuse because the symptoms cannot be explained, but it is a significant part of any child abuse defense. We highly recommend that you get professional legal assistance for any child abuse accusation.

If there is an incorrect conviction, it can jeopardize your ability to receive custody of your children and can create a bad reputation for you. That is why a Denver child abuse attorney who has experience in the field will know how to defend your unique case. The law will require the prosecution to prove that the defendant knowingly and willingly harmed the child. Therefore, a child abuse defense means that you did not intentionally harm your child.

Child Abuse AttorneyTypes of child abuse

There are several classes of felony child abuse, and a strong criminal defense attorney can help you work through all the facts to present a strong case. A few of the categories of child abuse include:

1) Misdemeanor child abuse.  The first category of child abuse includes misdemeanor child abuse. In this scenario, the child is not the direct victim of the violence. The parents can be charged with misdemeanor child abuse, if the parents are violent in front of the child. This is because of the mental impact it has on the child, but because there is no direct physical abuse of the child, a Denver child abuse attorney can help provide you with a strong defense.

2) Felony child abuse.  The next category of child abuse is felony child abuse, which can be very complicated. It can include direct and indirect behavior from the parent or guardian. It is not always based on intention, but it includes situations in which the child is placed into unreasonable circumstances that could lead to negative consequences (such as injury). It is considered to be child abuse, but it is possible to have a strong Denver child abuse attorney for a felony child abuse case.

3) Neglect.  The next category deals with dependency and neglect charges, which can lead to the temporary or permanent loss of your child—as well as your parental rights. However, these types of neglect can be dealt with by a Denver child abuse attorney in a way that can rectify the situation so the consequences do not have to be so impacting.

The nature of these situations can be quite complex, and a Denver child abuse attorney can help you discuss the situation at length and shed light on the problem.

Everyone is entitled to a fair trial, so let our attorneys at Peter Albani Law help you. They can answer any questions that you may have, so please give us a call at (303) 753-0900 for a free initial consultation .