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False accusations can destroy your life – false accusations of theft, of unprofessionalism or anything, really, can destroy your career – but imagine being accused of child abuse. Guilty or not, that’s an accusation that can ruin you entirely.

I’m innocent, why do I need an attorney?

Despite your innocence, if there is enough evidence against you to bring formal charges, you will need an attorney. False accusations can be made by honest mistake, or with malicious intent, it completely depends on the scenario, but regardless you’ll want an experienced child abuse lawyer behind you in building a solid defense.

How do false accusations happen?

Child Abuse Defense Lawyer

There are a few different ways that false accusations can come about. Some of the most common can be from doctors or teachers. In these two professions, they are confronted with children daily and become very familiar with the signs and symptoms of abuse. Unfortunately, a situation can present itself that appears to be abuse, when in fact it is not. This can happen when children sustain frequent injuries. Frequent injuries can be caused by any number of sports, playground accidents or mishaps in the home that were not intentional. It is a doctor’s moral and legal obligation to report any incidences that present as child abuse, and teachers would be compelled, as well, to report such suspicions.

The other situation where false accusations pop-up, is during divorce battles where custody is in question. One parent may accuse the other of child abuse to attempt to take custody away from them.

You’re going to court, now what?

Now it is your attorney’s job to formulate a rock-solid defense. This can be done by providing legitimate explanations for a child’s injuries, but these explanations would need to be corroborated by evidence. Corroboration can be provided by witnesses to injuries, other doctors, coaches or even teachers, if the situation warrants.

On the other hand…

Let’s face it. Defense attorneys don’t only defend the wrongfully accused. In many situations, people are, in fact, guilty of the crimes they are accused of. However, in the United States, everyone is afforded the freedom to be seen as innocent until proven guilty. With this in mind, it’s a defense attorney’s job to see their client in that light, and defend them against any charges, to the best of their ability. This is the ultimate ‘gray area’ of the law.

No matter what you are accused of and charged with, you still have rights as an American. You have the right to legal representation, you are innocent until proven guilty, and you have the right to a fair trial by a jury. You will have your day in court and be able to present your side of the story and have it decided upon by the legal system. The court is also not the only option, you may be offered a plea bargain at one point or another during the proceedings. A plea bargain is generally an agreement for a lower penalty and charge in exchange for something else – information, a guilty plea, community service, etc.

If you are facing charges of child abuse, contact us today to get in touch with an experienced defense lawyer immediately.

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