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It may sound shocking to learn that one in four women in Colorado will be a victim of sexual or attempted sexual assault in their lifetime. Even for men, one in seventeen will also experience sexual assault or attempted sexual assault. Some of the most common defenses to charges of sexual assault are innocence, insanity, or consent. Here at Peter Albani Law, you can get the help of a Denver sexual assault attorney to defend you. If you have been charged with a sexual crime in Denver or the surrounding areas, Peter Albani can help you understand the Colorado state’s court system.

Charges of sexual assault

It is important to prove that the person could not have possibly committed the crime. Some ways of doing this are proving the defendant was in another location at the time of the assault, or proving that a misidentification has occurred. However, in order to prove misidentification, there has to be strong evidence (such as DNA) presented in court by our Denver sexual assault attorney.

In addition, a defense of insanity or mental disability at the time can also be used as a sexual assault defense. The defendant can prove that they suffer from a mental illness that impairs their judgment. Some things that we can use against the sexual assault charge are altering medications, as well as proof of a permanent mental disability that makes understanding sexual assault and law impossible to understand. However, every state handles the insanity defense differently, but the sexual assault attorney can make a valid case.

Another common defense that a sexual assault attorney deals with is consent. The defendant must prove that the victim consented to sexual contact, which can be difficult. It is hard to provide factual and direct evidence, and it can sometimes be impossible. This is partly because it depends on the sexual history of the victim, which can actually work against you in court.  Moreover, marriage is also not a reliable sexual assault defense. It is still possible for a spouse to commit sexual assault against his or her partner.

Why you will need legal help

There are some important reasons why you will need a sexual assault attorney in Denver. Whether or not you were falsely accused with sexual assault, an experienced criminal defense lawyer will help you build a strong case. It is possible that you can make big mistakes leading up to the trial and while hiring an attorney. Some important things to remember are:

1)      Do not discuss your case or charges with your family or friends. If you tell your side of the story, this can sometimes interfere with the facts of the case.

2)      You should hire an experienced lawyer. We have all the resources here at Peter Albani law, and we are very familiar with the Federal law system. You should also consider a referral if you have a lawyer, and have a consultation as well. It is recommended to interview your prospective lawyer before hiring him or her.

In order to deal with the stigma against a sexual assault charge, Peter Albani Law can provide you with a knowledgeable sexual assault attorney to help represent you in a fair manner. Please give us a call at (303) 753-0900 for a free initial consultation.