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Not all cases are cut and dry, especially when a family is involved – and children. A child abuse defense lawyer has a very important job in a child abuse case, and that is to keep a family together. As media outlets reach further and further into our homes, we are subjected to news at an unprecedented rate and pace, and much of that news is bad. Although it may seem like our world is becoming an increasingly darker place to live, the truth is that it’s only awareness that is increasing – not the darkness. To this end, our increased awareness has made us hyper vigilant as a society, which has its good and bad consequences.

False reports

False reports of abuse are rarely filed intentionally. The problem is that people feel compelled to make a report given the slightest evidence, just in case they are right. When children are involved it often feels as if it’s worth the fallout if you are wrong because at least you know the children are safe. All reports of child abuse trigger investigations, but a vast majority of reports are unsubstantiated. Even so, this can be a traumatic experience for a family to be put through.

Child Abuse

False reports by medical professionals are also unintentional but they prefer to err on the side of caution for the same reason as the Good Samaritan – it’s better to be safe than sorry. The problem with a false accusation from a medical professional is that they make these accusations based on evidence –regardless of its conclusiveness. This sort of false report can land a family in court, with Family Services hovering around their home, making surprise visits etc.

Finally, even children make false reports – although it is far less common. Fewer than 8% of all abuse cases reported by the child are later recanted or found to be false. It generally takes a child in an abusive situation a lot of courage to come forward, so when they do it is always taken very seriously.

The road to hell

Despite the good intentions of all, false reports of child abuse can be disruptive for a child and the courtroom experience can be confusing and traumatic – not to mention all the questioning and examinations they will be subjected to in an effort to find evidence. A child abuse lawyer’s job is to root out false allegations and prevent them from destroying a family.


False allegations are frequently made by spouses who are in the middle of a particularly heated or aggressive divorce. Accusing one parent of abuse can help the other’s cause and punish the accused parent for perceived slights that have nothing to do with the child or abuse. These situations call for experienced child abuse attorneys who will not only be able to quash false allegations to protect the accused parent, but also protect the child from becoming collateral damage of the divorce proceedings.

A child abuse defense lawyer serves many purposes, but above all else their goal is to ensure the safety of the child and to combat dangerous, false allegations with the potential to destroy innocent parent(s). Call Peter Albani Law today for a free consultation.