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Sexual Assault and How the Laws Protect You

Sexual assault cases can be very trying in the courtroom. The defendant has to develop a strong strategy, backed by an overwhelming amount of evidence to land an acquittal, mostly because the majority of sexual assault defenses are difficult to prove. This obviously... read more

How to Defend Child Abuse and Neglect Charges

Child abuse is one of those phrases that makes you cringe when you hear it – now imagine being formally charged with it. An accusation of child abuse can be just as damaging as a conviction, especially in cases where the accusations are entirely false. This is... read more

Defending Against Sexual Assault Charges

Building up a solid defense in court is the backbone of what a defense lawyer does – but it’s no walk in the park. Some charges are more difficult to defend against than others. In the case of sexual assault charges, there are more unacceptable defense strategies than... read more

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