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Child abuse can, and does, happen. When it does, it can be challenging to recover from, however, many people accused of child abuse are innocent. Whether the false accusation comes as part of a custody case or if a medical practitioner notices some unusual injuries and makes an incorrect assumption, the stain of that accusation can tarnish a person for a lifetime.

A slippery slope

It is a sad truth that false allegations of abuse can and does happen. Whether the allegation stems from human error or malicious intent though, many people have a hard time believing that a person can be falsely accused. As a child abuse defense lawyer, our job is to prove that the allegations are, indeed, false. Because we specialize in the complicated arena that is child abuse, there are many benefits to having us on your side.


1.  Experience. Our child abuse defense lawyer has experience defending clients just like you. Child abuse cases can be incredibly complicated and there are many factors that go into creating the right defense; especially with allegations of abuse, it is important to have someone at your back who is knowledgeable and can shoulder the heavy burden of defense for you. Whether it is focusing on the testimony of the medical professional or doing our own investigation.

2.  Insight. Child abuse is taken very seriously by the courts and has many ramifications, from potential jail time to jeopardizing your ability to gain or maintain custody of your children. It can impact what jobs you can apply for or whether you will be able to leave the country, as well as damaging your reputation. That is why it is important that anyone charged with these crimes not represent themselves. Defending against allegations like these on your own can be challenging and painful, and many things can be overlooked. A child abuse lawyer knows what to look for.

3.  Someone you can trust.  We know accidents can happen. Children get injured and fall sick every day and it is often beyond the parent’s control or desire. Child abuse occurs when someone willfully inflicts harm or causes harm to happen to a child, and this can take many forms. As horrific as it can be, it is not always clear-cut and what could have been an innocent injury caused by a moment’s inattention can look sinister in another’s eyes. Here at Peter Albani Law, we know things are often not as they seem and we are here to help in your time of need with our years of experience representing people in situations like your own. In cases like this, it is important to have qualified and experienced legal counsel on your side.

Child abuse can, and does happen, but so too can false allegations. When they do, they can destroy reputations, tear apart families and have other serious repercussions.  If you are wrongfully accused of child abuse, having the right legal counsel on your side can be the difference between the truth being discovered, or buried. If you need legal counsel on child abuse cases, contact us at Peter Albani Law, we are here to help.