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Do you realize that child abuse isn’t a straight-forward crime? In fact, many consider child abuse to be the physical assault of a child, but that is only one form of child abuse, among many. Denver sexual assault attorneys have been dealing with child sexual abuse, and other forms of child abuse for years. While each state has its own laws and penalties regarding child abuse, here are ten general facts about child abuse you may not know.

Fact 1: In the United States, psychological or emotional abuse is the most common and the most difficult to deal with.

According to an article in Time Magazine which quotes the Journal of Pediatrics, “Psychological maltreatment can include terrorizing, belittling or neglecting a child.” The National Centre for Victims Crimes also states that it can involve ridicule, name-calling, belittling and criticism. In severe cases, threats are leveled against the child with the consequences resulting in things such as the death of a pet or the destruction of other property.

Fact 2: In third-world countries, child labor, child trafficking and female genital mutilation are the most common forms of child abuse.

Fact 3: Nearly 26% of adults report being verbally abused as a child, almost 15% reported some form of physical abuse, and 13% reported sexual abuse occurring in their childhoods. Abused children are more likely to become abusers as adults.

Fact 4: A long-term tracking report that ran from 1990-2010 demonstrated that the instances of sexual abuse had declined 62% during that time, with physical abuse dropping by 56%

Fact 5: A 2007 UNICEF report on child well-being stated that the United States and the United Kingdom ranked lowest among industrial nations with respect to the well-being of children.

Fact 6: The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reports that female parents ‘acting alone’ were the most likely perpetrators of child abuse.

Fact 7: In 2007 the United States reported 676,569 victims of child abuse and neglect, with nearly 44% of those victims being Caucasian.

Fact 8: In 2008, 1730 children died due to abuse related factors in the United States. This constitutes a ratio of 2 per 100 000 children.

Fact 9: A US study found that parents with a drug or alcohol abuse problem were much more likely to mistreat their children and turn down government-related assistance programs and services.

Fact 10: The Cinderella Effect refers to the increased likelihood of a step-child being abused over a biological child. Studies indicate that non-biological parents are far more likely (100 times more likely) to cause abuse that results in the death of a child, than biological parents.

Despite many declines throughout the years, child abuse and neglect is still a major issue in the United States. Denver sexual assault attorneys and Denver criminal defense attorneys have their fair share of experience battling these types of cases.

When it comes to child abuse charges, we are here to help.  If you have been charged with child abuse, in any form, contact your Albani Law, your Denver criminal defense lawyer, immediately.